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NORTHWEST IMMIGRATIONS AND EDUCATION CONSULTANCY  is an Authorised and approved Enrolment centre for British Council, IDP, University of Cambridge Esol Examinations, Pearson Professional Partner, PlanetEDU enrolment centre and Authorised Representatives of Universities and colleges Around Globe. Esol information centre is designed to provide essential and mandatory information to the families who don't have to go anywhere else for their needs. Please connect with us using Social websites and have a say about the world class services you get. Esol has different levels of exams from A1 - C2. Please visit your local office for more information. Our Professional Staff aim to provide you professional advice regarding the exams , visa process and time frames as per the latest rules. Please see the latest RSS feeds from UK Border Agency at the right side of this page. NORTHWEST IMMIGRATIONS has been awarded as the best Enrollment centres and coaching centers in the region. We aim to promote our services by word of mouth. Please Call us to get information on helpline numbers.


ESOL (English Speakers of other Languages) is the most popular examinations as per students. It is an excitement for all learners to actually take the exam, as they are confronted with interesting language tasks in their day to  day life situations, like writing letters to friends, sharing their thoughts, listening to an interesting story or reading a piece of news. Cambridge ESOL stands for Cambridge English for Speakers of Other Languages. It assesses candidate's ability to communicate effectively in English. Cambridge ESOL exams offer the world's leading range of certificates for learners of English. There is total commitment to assessment of the highest quality and excellent support for teachers and test takers. They are recognized by universities, employers and official bodies throughout the world.


You May require the Esol Exmainations because-


  • You might need English for their everyday or working life like Spouses/ Partners of British Citizens or people with indefinite leave to remain in the UK. Cambridge ESOL exams provide you with A-1 Level Certification (Certification approved by the UKBA) of your English Language ability which is useful for Applying of Settlement VISA in UK Embassy.


  • Non-native speakers of English worldwide wishing to provide documented evidence of their knowledge of English, for study or employment. Students aspiring to enter institutions of higher education, where proof of knowledge of English is a requirement.


  • Cambridge ESOL exam is also used as an alternative to IELTS for applying of Australia Student Visa


  • Learners who require externally recognized certification of their levels in English, to improve job prospects.


  • Those who are attending courses over a period and require a series of graded examinations which provide steps up in the ladder of proficiency to measure progress in English